Business Models

Business Models

We execute the projects with two different models. The model to be chosen entirely depends on the nature of the project, duration of the project, complexity of the project, ability of clearly detailing the requirements and many such factors. Here is the detail description –

1. Time and material

It is seldom that software system requirements are very clear and can be frozen before the beginning of Design phase. Requirements generally keep evolving during the course of implementation cycle and tend to change for various reasons. This fact makes it difficult to define the scope of the software system. In such cases, Time and Material execution model becomes the most attractive and beneficial option. This gives our client a flexibility to modify the scope or the design of the software system midstream. We strongly recommend this business model for long term and successful project executions. This is proven model to execute scalable projects. All of our projects are executed with this business model.

2. Fixed bid

In this model, the requirements are frozen in the beginning of the project. Based on requirements, project effort estimation is done and the cost is fixed depending on the efforts. Any small or big change after requirements are frozen is considered as change request. The impact analysis is done, efforts are revised and accordingly it reflects on the cost. This model does not provide a client flexibility of suggesting the changes in software system requirements.

We do not recommend this business model. We execute very small pilot projects based on this model if our client demands that.

Communication channels

We use any of the following communication channels to make sure that the communication is smooth and there are no delays in exchanging the information.

  • Emails
  • Messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Skype, GTalk
  • Telephone
  • WebEx sessions
  • FTP server
Status reporting

Project manager from our side is the point of contact for all project coordination related activities. He makes sure the flaw less execution of the project. We provide the complete visibility to our clients in terms of the day to day operations. Following status reports are provided to allow the client to understand the present status of the project and re prioritize the tasks if needed.

  • Project plan
  • Monthly status report
  • Weekly status report
  • Weekly QA status report
Tools used for project management
  • Microsoft project plan
  • Microsoft excel
  • Microsoft word
  • Basecamp
  • Any other tools used at client end