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CMS Development Services in Pune

CMS Development Services

In addition to developing and outsourcing software, we provide one of the best CMS development services in Pune. We design top-notch customized content management solutions to help you manage your content more systematically. Very often open source content management systems like WordPress, Drupal & Joomla can prove inadequate for the specialized needs of a company. You won’t have an autonomy over your software, it will always be owned by the open source company you opt for. Moreover, when their software is updated, you can lose your plugins and extensions even though they are paid for. These platforms are free, the additional technical team that you would need to hire, later on, to customize them to meet the needs of your company, are going to be quite high. These platforms, despite being so popular can also be easily hacked. In fact, in a report by the World Application Attack Report (WAAR), WordPress was found to be the most attacked content management platform. If you are using any of above CMS your company data is prone to a cyber-attack. In such situations, most people opt for generic software providers. But these generic software providers do not follow-up properly, lack of customer support and routine checks. Some problems may even arise in a software after years of using it, at such times the generic software providers are unavailable or may not take the responsibility for the same. These factors may not be much of a problem with a small scale business. But, if you are a big enterprise, an open source CMS will not only pose a security threat to your company’s information but will also be very limiting from an optimization point of view.

Customized Content Management System

A customized content management system will solve all your problems. With a customized content management system, there will be no need to code from scratch. You will have total control over your software and there will be no security threats to your content. The tools in the customized software can be added according to the functionality needs of your company in the development stages and there will be no question of loss of plugins and extensions. A customized content management system will have a flexible, easy to use interface and can have multiple admins. It will also give you the liberty to design your own dashboard according to your preference. There will be a provision for more customizations in your layouts and graphics, audio, video and even maps can be added easily. When you use lesser known custom developed CMS, there will be no question of hacking.

We at TechHighway have years of experience in developing customized CMS for a plethora of industries giving us an edge over the competition. This rich experience enables us to understand diverse needs and deliver the final product as per requirements. Our team makes sure to follow up after delivering the software, so any bugs can be ruled out and you get your money’s worth. We have designed CMS for many reputed brands in the past and continue to add value by designing a software fit to our client’s expectations. We at TechHighway, always fulfill the needs of our clients by delivering our best work.