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Odoo – ERP

  • Are you a start-up and wants to make sure that all the processes are in place right from the beginning?
  • Are you growing and finding it difficult to manage the operations without automation in place?
  • Are you observing too many human errors in day to day operations? Do you think the person dependency is causing problems and thereby increasing the risk?
  • Do you think there is some flaw in process which is causing extra losses and you are not able to identify it?
  • Do you think, you are not able to satisfy your customers or vendors who expect everything online?

Solution to all above problems is ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning.

TechHighway is ready partner of Odoo – an Open Source ERP and provides Odoo services to clients all over the world. We have huge expertise in Odoo functional and technical area and offer various services related to Odoo. The standard deployment of Odoo is what you can begin with. Customization is needed if your processes do not fit into standard implementation.

Services Provided

We offer following services related to Odoo. We can act as one stop shop for your Odoo related needs.

Odoo Deployment

We will deploy Odoo for you and configure it to suit your needs. We  will suggest best practices and best way to use ERP to make your day to day operations faster and efficient.

Our experience resources can set up your ERP instance very efficiently, so that you can go live immediately.

Odoo Customization

We provide customization if your processes do not fit into the default functionality offered by Odoo.  Our experienced developer’s team can make the Odoo work the way you want. You will get a feel that its your turnkey product, just made to suit your needs.

Just let us know your needs and we will take care of that.

Odoo Integration with Magento eCommerce Platform

Are you running your online store with Magento and do not know how to integrate the online data like sales orders, inventory with Odoo, do not worry. We will get your online store integrated with your Odoo. This will allow you to manage your online transactions smoothly, efficiently and still maintaining the data integrity.

Shipping modules integration with Odoo

Are you looking to add shipping functionality integration with your Odoo with service providers such as Fedex, UPS, DHL? Contact us and we will get this implemented.

Support and Maintenance

Once you go live, your users might have some specific requests, some queries while using the software. If you want the users to continue using the software with same interest as they begin with, they would need a go to person to resolve their queries and solve their problems. We offer support and maintenance services to suit your needs.

Talk to us with details and we will fulfill your request.

Data Migration

do you want your legacy system data to be migrated to Odoo, we will do it for you. We will study your legacy system data model and migrate the required data to Odoo.


We have team of experts having in depth knowledge of Odoo in functional and technical area. If you feel a need, we will train you to make you understand the software so that you can use it efficiently.

For the details about training, please contact us.