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Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development Company

The app developing industry is vast and so is the functionality of these applications. Apps have evolved by leaps and bounds ever since smartphones were introduced in the market. There is an app for everything today and it won’t be an overstatement to say that we depend on smartphones and eventually apps, to get our things done, from sunrise to sunset. These days, however, the scope of these apps has reached a whole new level. The new generation of apps is made by fusing the features of native and web based applications. The end product has some fabulous functions, each of which acts like an application itself. For instance, Instagram has a camera, an image editor, doodle provision and also a messenger. These are known as hybrid apps and they do not belong to the single operating system, hence can be distributed to multiple operating systems.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

A typical hybrid mobile application will have a wide range of inbuilt features that will work in collaboration with the hardware capabilities of your cellphone. It will ask for various necessary permissions like phone’s camera, contacts, maps, microphone etc. depending upon the functionality of the app.

There goes a lot of effort into building these apps and yet, the scope for hybrid mobile app development is very vast and is increasing day by day. Hybrid mobile applications, as opposed to native apps, can be distributed across multiple platforms. They can access the hardware/software capabilities of your device through plug-ins. The cost of developing these apps is quite less as compared to developing native apps. Many popular companies like Facebook and Twitter have opted for hybrid apps due to the above reasons.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

We, at TechHighway, have rich experience in developing hybrid mobile apps, as we have created more than 20 different hybrid apps, for different sectors like real estate, e-commerce and healthcare with unique requirements. With a wide range of resources and exposure to hybrid mobile application development, we specialize in cross-platform application development. We can provide you with applications that work like a native app but are really built by combining a host of functionalities of native and web based applications. Our dedicated team of expert hybrid app developers will make sure to align the end product with your vision. Our developers use the training and exposure they get from the training sessions at TechHighway to develop an app with the latest designs and style. Finally, they will make sure that the app works flawlessly on all the platforms while avoiding the most common pitfalls of hybrid app development and also take the responsibility of updating the apps on a regular basis. We ensure that our team stays updated with latest technologies and trends, and keep reinventing their skills. The smartphone market is expanding day by day and is ripe for putting your own brand’s app out there to bolster your business. An app is no more an alternative, it has become a necessity to develop a strong online presence and reach out to the new audience each day. Get in touch with us to discuss the unique targets you want to achieve through your very own customized app.