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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development Company Canada

We cater to the needs of our clients by designing software according to their functional requirements. You can choose from our two business models which are designed to be concrete or flexible depending on your need. We are a custom software development company that believe in spontaneity and do not follow a fixed trajectory while developing software unless specified by the client. This makes our development cost effective and the user experience highly satisfactory. Our director’s expertise in the Travel and hospitality industry enabled us to specialize in core industries like e-commerce, real estate, tourism and hospitality amongst others. We keep the clients informed about the progress of the project by giving them updates at each stage of development using project management tools and modify the software according to their new demands. We also make suggestions at our end and inform the client what is optimal for a flawless user experience so that they can choose what’s best for them. This entire process is carried out on a weekly and monthly basis until the software is totally in keeping with the client’s needs and matches the international standards.

Offshore Software Development

India has been a hub for offshore software development for a long time owing to the presence of skilled and cost-effective labor, and the overseas demand for custom software development. The prices of custom software development in developed countries, especially the USA, UK, and Germany are very high, and so they outsource their work to other countries and India ranks on top in offshore outsourcing software development. As the implementation of technology in our day to day life is increasing rapidly, the demand for various types of software is spreading to all spheres of life. There is an app for everything, right from tracking calories to reading books. These easy to use apps run on complex software that needs to be devised to perfection. We joined the market in 2008 as an offshore software development company with a crew of 8 people and have grown to a team of about 40 professionals ever since. Our employees go through rigorous training programs which are based on our director’s experience.

Outsourcing Software Development

This gives us an edge over the other software development companies. We have built highly competent software over the time and our sphere of experience went on to accommodate Multiple

Listing Service Integration, Property listing, CRM for marketing and customer service, Contract Management, Correlation between customer and the property, Integration with websites, Agents Management, Agents Commission, Newsletters and Mailer. Additionally, we have also catered to many recruitment agencies by providing them solutions to automatically fetch CV’s from the mailbox, gathering candidate’s details from received CV’s, building candidate database, searching required CV’s by using Sphinx search engine, fetching candidate’s LinkedIn profile to complete his/her bio data, and automatically generating invoices based on work completion. India was ranked the number one software outsourcing destination by 80% of the European and US outsourcing firms in a recent survey conducted by The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM). It has out shined even the top players for outsourcing, like China, Philippines, Ireland, and Mexico. Pune is one of the cities that feature on the map of the topmost software outsourcing companies. The demand for outsourcing is growing even more as the software industry is coming up with seamlessly integrated

business software that makes handling of business twice as easy. As a Software Outsourcing Company, we have successfully integrated multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Discover, Moneris, Optimal in different e-commerce websites and applications for companies overseas. We also provide e-commerce solutions such as UBER card integration, customized layouts, traffic stats, customer account management, and a secure buying process which can be used to create a wholesome solution that a client wants.

In addition to designing software, we also function as a Software Maintenance Company. Maintenance of software includes testing and functionality enhancements, as not all the requirements are perceptible during the development stage. Our professionals will make sure to test the software and align it with your requirements as you use the software and sense the need for alterations. We also fix bugs before they affect the efficiency of the software and make sure that they do not surface in the future. Significant efforts are taken to induce newer technology in the software, even during the maintenance stages. The user experience keeps getting better every time you use the software.