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What TechHighway Does?

TechHighway is an offshore IT services company serving Travel & Hospitality domain for more than 10 years and acquired more than 100 clients. TechHighway Systems acts as a technology shop for all you IT related requirements. We have proven track record of process-oriented project completion and gave our clients 140% return on their investments. CIO Outlook magazine has awarded us one of the top 10 IT Company for Travel & Hospitality domain in the year 2017.

Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITECĀ®) is the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand. HITEC with the partnership with Naseba have organized HITEC Dubai on 14th & 15th November 2017 at Conrad Dubai Hotel, Dubai. TechHighway Systems is a proud Bronze sponsor of this event.

We will showcase our Technical as well as functional capabilities for Travel & Hospitality Domain. The Middle East is booming market for New Hotels and travel activities but this needs an active technology support which TechHighway Promises to provide.

Travel and HospitalityWeb ScrapingChannel Managers
Inventory Distribution
Channel Managers

Accommodation represents a gamut of the hospitality industry from independent small hotels to hotel chains, luxurious resorts and even campgrounds. Fierce competition in this area forces suppliers to be in line with current technology trends to market their distinguishing factors and continuously improve the guest experience and customer service.

Depending on just a B2C website is not enough, but widespread distribution of your inventory is a need of an hour. Most of the bookings you would receive digitally that is, GDS, OTA etc. Reach of your inventory matters and impacts your performance.

You distributed your inventory to many channels and started noticing overbooking errors? You need something smarter and easier that is channel manager. Channel manager will keep track of your inventory across different channels and provide real-time data updates to all the channels so that you will remain in sync.

Metasearch ManagersPayment GatewaysWeb scraping
Metasearch Managers
Payment Gateways
Web scraping

You need to have an online presence on important metasearch engines such as Google, Kayak, Trivago, TripAdvisor etc. This will convert your metasearch customers and increase direct bookings.Metasearch engines are a frequently visited and highly coveted planning and direct booking tool. So, if the travelers are there, then your hotel needs to be there too.

With the right payment gateway, you can make it easy for customers to pay for your products. We have a huge experience in payment gateway integrations.We analyze payment gateway options based on your criteria and draw a plan of action. We can integrate modern/classic hosted/integrated payment gateways of your choice. TechHighway created a speedy mechanism of payment gateway integration called Express Integration which delivers the solution in less than a week.

Data-driven decisions are always accurate and fruitful. We can fuel your business by our web scraping expertise by gathering the required data for you.As a hotel, you would like to scrape the data that is publically available on the internet for your business decisions. Data can be hotel static data, availability or rates. We can create the web scrapers per your need and maintain them. We can scrape the data from sources like websites, PDF files, word files, excel files and web services etc.