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Third Party API Integration

Third Party API Integration Services Canada

Imagine a website that is plain, without any graphics and videos and consists only of text. On the other hand, imagine a website with product videos, extensive product filters and support from multiple payment gateways and mobile wallets. Which website would you buy your product from? Of course, the second one.

The more detailed and dynamic your presentation, the more confidence people have in your brand. Your brand may have special requirements for its operations. For instance, you may need a map, rolling text that is clickable, customized suggestions and offers for individual buyers, the list is endless. Also the market has advanced by leaps and bounds hence a payment integration has become a norm for every website. It is expected of a brand to have certain applications to be integrated into websites. Third party integration services allow you to weave in applications into your website that enable the website to be more user friendly. Examples include payment gateways, product filters, 360 degree product views, live chat support windows and catalogues.

There are many back office applications for the company’s use that can track and monitor customer behavior. These too can be integrated into the website and cannot be seen by the customer. They provide you with detailed reports of what your customers are looking for or browsing so you can modify the performance of your site and increase sales. You can also get to know what deals encourage the customer to spend, how they browse your site, amount of time and the number of clicks it took for the customer to finally make a purchase, the frequency of their visits, amount spent in each buying session and much more. You can then use this data to reach the maximum potential of your site. You can even have a Customer relationship Management (CRM) system through which your customer can login, place orders and update their information. Even this information will be used to improve their user experience and provide you with the intelligence to tailor your website to their needs.

Third Party Integration Services

We at TechHighway differ from other third party API integration services. With a decade of experience in the industry, we have worked with clients with extensive and specialized needs. Hence, we already understand what goes into seamlessly integrated websites and apply our varied experience by giving you exactly what you want. We work with different e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Symphony Commerce and BigCommerce. We have integrated multiple payment gateways like Paypal,, NMI, Discover, Moneris, Optimal and many more. With years of technical knowledge we have also created our own way of payment gateway Integration called express integration which guarantees delivery in less than a week. We have also integrated tools like Uber Cart, Traffic stats, Customer account management, Secure buying process, Flawless transaction management, Catalogue management, Order management and much more.

We adopt a step-by step approach to integration. First we discuss the customer’s needs with them, including the GUI and everything that they want to achieve from their website, then we make suggestions based on our experience with numerous industries, before moving on to documenting and reviewing the design. What follows is rigorous testing of each and every layer of software integrated in the process. Finally, the roll out is made after resolving issues related to the environment. We regularly follow up with our clients for maintenance and have an active customer support group.