Life As BDE

Life As BDE

Life of a marketing person is pretty hectic in nature, you have to keep track of many things at same time. You collect data about prospectus, you call, and you mail & try to get in touch with the prospective client.

And when do you do that, as a human being you are tend to do mistakes.

Once I was on calling mission to USA in night time. Previous to that week I had many calls with the directors of company but due to unknown reason a guy just outburst his anger on me and disconnected the call saying he is not interested in offered service. In such case it is your duty to remove that particular person from list and make sure you do not call him/her again, but in my case I just forget that and this week I started calling same people again!

I dialed Number and after talking with receptionist the call was connected with this guy, we will call him John. As soon as call connected I recognized his voice and was dumbstruck on what to do now. Last time he was very rude with me so I thought something in my mind and I said, Sorry John, for calling you last week. I know you were disturbed with something and I called you.  He was forgot about the last week’s incident and then he said, Ok! But what was your last call about?

And that was a golden opportunity for me. I explained all about the product, the value addition it can do to his business and he readily accepted invitation for web demo after a long call of 30 minutes.

That day I learnt a very good lesson, never back off until you tried every opportunity.

Marketing is tough and you are never off the work, you have to think about new ideas to reach to people even when you are not in office. A marketer should always keep in mind following points:

  • Never Under prepare for cold call
  • Don’t underestimate the person to whom you are calling, since he have total domain knowledge of his own domain
  • Never mess up with someone’s mood
  • Don’t hesitate to say Sorry if you are at fault
  • Don’t fail to try
  • Keep track of your all activities

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