Outsourced Product Development Services in Canada, Singapore

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development Services

Outsourced product development (OPD) is the hiring of a third-party IT service provider by an organization for the development of products and services. OPD Companies hire a talented work force that has a rich experience in developing different products. There are many advantages of outsourcing products including the possession of top notch products, saving resources and building more of them, minimizing development and infrastructural costs, and the ability to concentrate more time and resources on other tasks for the overall development of the company. An offshore company generally outsources product development, its maintenance, implementation, and testing. A company may outsource some or all of these tasks, although the latter is considered optimal. Outsourcing has grown into a huge market, as companies now want to channelize their entire energy on defining and marketing their products instead of perfecting it.

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development (OPD) has gained wide acceptance as a business model, as an off-site development option for product companies. It is highly appealing because of its relatively low-risk and high profit chances them. Outsourcing product development has known to reduce development costs by about 40 %. Hence, it has been perceived as a highly lucrative business model. While it is profitable, it also requires close monitoring and review at each stage of development. The key to successful execution of outsourced projects is elaborate planning and effective communication with the developing team.

The market is transforming rapidly and building adaptable and innovative products has become imperative if one has to keep up with the competition. For that, you need to team up with companies that employ cutting edge technology and have experience working with a clientele with a wide range of needs and experience. TechHighway can take this weight off your shoulders by designing software’s that are not only innovative but also easy to use we are a well-known company that offers Outsourced Product Development in Pune since a long time. We bring with us stellar service and the capability to work on demanding projects as we have sharpened our skills, working on previous projects. We not only help you to pick the technologies that are to be implemented into the product, but also build an apt architecture while leveraging latest tools and trends. We understand that outsourcing a product is a long term choice, and hence we make sure that we deliver only the best quality to you.

Product Development Services

The IT industry accounts for 15 % of the Outsourced Product Development market and we are proud to have contributed to that share. We are one of the most competitive product development services in Canada. We cater to outsourcing requirements of IT products such as custom software development, CMS development, web data mining and much more. Our products are highly scalable, customizable, well-architected, and robust while squarely complying with the functionality requirements specified by our clients. We understand that fine documentation, proper configuration management, economy of design, and architecture is very crucial to the end product. We are committed to making the product designing process faster and cost-efficient. Having worked for some of the world’s most respectable companies ranging from software-based start-ups to full-fledged business leaders in the USA and the UK, we are redefining the way software is built.